www.wininvesting.co.uk For just under two years, I worked for Win Investing LLP, responsible for creating, maintaining and updating their commercial sites, designing and supervising broadcast E-mails, maintaining the web- and database servers etc. These sites gave me full reign to demonstrate my server-side development skills - PHP, SQL, implementing web security, accepting electronic payments etc.

ChinaFairings.org is a web site for enthusiasts of the small china statuettes form such endearing decorations, and which are traded and collected enthusiastically. This site was created for a dedicated fairings trader, but also acts as a good introduction to the subject.   www.chinafairings.org

www.homebird.org.uk Homebird Ltd. is a small company based in Kingston-upon-Thames and specialising in home furnishings of all sorts: Upholstery, fabrics and bed linen, curtains and cushions. They offer a bespoke service, visiting clients' homes, suggesting an appropriate furnishing scheme and then fitting the furnishings to the client's satisfaction.

FlagTraderEducation.com is the application page for a series of free seminars giving tuition in investing in the stock market. The application form itself is an example of a registration page I have written, which accepts personal details (name, E-mail address etc.) and submits the application via E-mail to the Flag Trader team. The registration itself is performed using server-side script written in PHP. www.flagtradereducation.com

www.spreadbetpro.com/home.php Spreadbetpro.com is a resources site for those learning to trade on the stock market. The resources are predominantly video-based, and the site itself is registration only, i.e. you have to register with your E-mail address. The site interfaces with a MySQL database using a series of server-side PHP scripts.

My freelance work often involves creating simple microsites for local businesses, such as Barry Eaton Piano and Organ Tuition. These are often information-only sites, frequently limited by having to be hosted on servers that do not support server-side scripting. It is, however, quite remarkable what can be achieved with only client-side technologies. barryeaton.eu.pn

www.facebook.com/alessiorastani I have been asked to design Facebook API pages for various friends and clients, so I have had to master Facebook Markup Language (FBML). This is just a slight variation on HTML, and even allows you to include contact-me forms and video content, as in Alessio Rastani's page, which I created for him. The real problem lies in squeezing the necessary content into the narrow width that is allowed on a Facebook page!

Selkit's Revenge is an online adventure game that I wrote for the Durham Online Gamers, a swords-and-sorcery games-playing group from my days back at Durham University. I was never a gamer myself, you understand - after all, I have a life - but they did engage me to create this site based on E-mails they sent me. www.selkit.webs.com
The idea was that I would be sent each stage in the scenario based on feedback from the members. However, as always with fantasy gamers, they quickly lost interest. I include the site as it is a good example of what I can produce using just HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

I am still available to create new pages, so if any of the gamers would like to contact me...

www.richardbowles.co.uk/ai_motoring AccessIt Motoring was a small driving tuition company whose website I created in 2007. However, in 2010 the company was dissolved following the death of its owner. I was allowed to display the site that I had created provided I hosted it on my own website.
What you see here is a front-end only shell of the original website (JavaScript, JQuery, XML and AJAX only) which was written in Classic ASP and accessed a MySQL database. However, since I now control the site, it has allowed me to reinsert a few features that demonstrate my graphic design skills.

I completed the site for The North London Chessmen early in 2013, to help them support their chess club, based in Enfield and bring them a bit of publicity. A loosely-organised group of friends and fellow chess enthusiasts, they decided that they finally needed a web presence, and asked me to design them something "a bit classy." I include it here as it demonstrates my JavaScript and XML skills rather nicely, especially the pages showing sample games that club members have played. http://nlchessmen.eu.pn